Canada Tour Update

Praise/ Thanksgiving Points:
Historically, Canada has been very helpful n concerned about the oppressed eg Black slaves escaped the South of America to freedom in Canada . She is a known refugee country.
At a time in her history she was a leading missionary sending nation.
She is officially a Christian country.
Technologically developed.

Prayer Request:
[ ]REVIVAL again of repentance, holiness, righteousness and n evangelism in the body of Christ in Jesus’ name!
[ ]Every evil altar of righteousness n idolatry be brought down n burnt to ashes in Jesus’ name!
[ ]Every evil spoken word seeking manifestations over Canada be nullified in Jesus’ name!
[ ]Let righteous altars serving the Most High God begin spring up in every sphere of life all over Canada in Jesus’ name!
[ ]Let Christian missionaries to Canada begin to multiply from within n without the country in Jesus’ name !
[ ]We break every shackle, chain, bondage or spell holding down n keeping people from receiving the Lord in Jesus’ name!
[ ]Let every culture represented in Canada receive the light of the Gospel in Jesus’ name!
[ ]Every Christian in Canada that is under whatever siege, we declare n decree your freedom NOW IN JESUS’ NAME! Let every prison door open by fire to release the people of God in the the mighty name of Jesus!
[ ]We pray for missionary bodies, ministries, church assemblies n individual believer at work presently, making impact upon the land, receive more grace n anointing. We remove every distraction, disruption n depression in the mighty name of Jesus!
[ ]We call forth, receive n appropriate every physical and spiritual provision that God Almighty has made for His work from every direction in Jesus’ name!
[ ]Holy Spirit do n perfect your work thru your Church in Jesus’ name !
[ ]Continue, Father, to provide for your own according to your promise in Jesus’ name!
[ ]Forgive trespasses of your Church in the land in the mighty name of Jesus!
[ ]Let your love, Oh Lord, be shed abroad in the hearts of your children, let there forgiveness n oneness in Jesus” name!
[ ]We destroy n terminate everything that serves to divide the body of Christ both in Canada n the rest of the world in Jesus’ name!
[ ]Father, we give you thanks for answered prayers and all that you are doing and set to do through your Church in Canada as well as in the world over in Jesus” name!
[ ]For thine is thy kingdom, thy power n thy glory for ever n ever


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